Musical: the Musical – the contest!

In preparation for our M2Y summer season – we will be hosting a virtual creative works contest for anyone ages 8-18! The prompts are listed below for various art forms that are eligible – and the entry form is at the bottom of this page.

The contest opens March 1st and closes March 30th with winners being announced sometime in the middle of April. The number of winners will be determined by the number of entries – so encourage as many people as you can to sign up!

What do you get if you win? A whole lot of cool things, of course! You will get free tickets to both of our Summer Season events (the concert and the play reading series) and you will get your piece showcased at our Falltown Short Play Reading Series in June!

The Prompts


Write a short play, short story, or epic poem based on the following prompt: Old and grumpy Clyde Taylor owns a very run-down and past-its-prime bookstore in downtown Providence, Rhode Island. He employs one clerk, a sixteen-year-old girl named Rose who he couldn’t care less about. But one day, after the funds for the bookstore have run out and he has been forced to let the girl go from her only source of money and stability to finance his vacation home in a sunny place somewhere, he starts getting visited by fictional characters set on revenge and proving that the line between reality and fiction is thinner than we think.

Writing (option 2)

Write a monologue from the perspective of Bethany Carter, who has just left her ex-husband Dash to find a stable and realistic life as far away from theatre as she can possibly get.

Visual Art

Draw, paint, sculpt, or otherwise visually represent the center of Falltown, a theatrical town that is busy, but not too busy. Optional landmarks to include are a general store, a fancy private school, a center square with a stage, rose bushes, and a small house.

Visual Art (Option 2)

Using what you know about Musical: the Musical, create a logo for our show! If you win – we might actually use your logo. We really need a logo.


Write a song about the Announcer, the omniscient and slightly spooky narrator for the show who also serves as a news reporter for the Falltown Daily News. Over-the-top, cryptic, and seemingly belonging both to the worlds of fiction and reality, who are they? What is their purpose? Are they secretly a little bit magic?


Choreograph a dance to this song

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