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About Musical

Musical: the Musical is an inspirational and innovative new musical about how theater and the power of words can change the world. It centers around Eva Benedict, a teenage girl who begins writing a musical with herself as the protagonist, unaware of the unpredictable impact it will have on her very average life. The characters and storylines she creates begin to blur the lines between reality and fiction as she sets out, accompanied by a breathtakingly cliche love interest and a hopeless hero, to find adventure and mend injustice.

With clever lyrics, a witty script, and a beautiful and unique score written by teen artists Arin Andrews, Ajika Sawyer, Amrita Rutter, Fiona Finn, and Edy Savage, musical the musical carries relevant and important themes in a “bold and intrepid” theatrical experience that will appeal to audience members of all ages.

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About the Team

Ajika Sawyer (she/her) has been a part of the Musical team since the very beginning, working primarily (though not exclusively) on music and songwriting, including the brilliant mid-act villain solo “Meriam” and the bouncy and catchy “Keep the Plotline Going.” With over a decade of music experience on instruments such as bass, violin, and voice, she has performed with groups such as PVPA’s “The Groovy Truth,” “The Swamp Sisters,” and “The Gaslight Tinkers.” Ajika is passionate about putting the musicians onstage with the actors, something she has woven into the script and design of Musical. She’s also worked to integrate themes of social justice and activism into the show. Ajika has loved working on the show for the past year and a half and can’t wait to see where it will go next!

Amrita Rutter (she/her) officially joined the Musical team toward the beginning of summer 2019 and has since written a few of the most lyrically impressive songs in the show, including the opening number “Once Upon a Time,” and the love song “Okay.” She also acts in musicals in her free time, as well as writing beautiful poetry and other artistic creations. She has loved the experience of writing Musical and hopes to write more music in the future!

Edy Savage (they/them) has been part of the Musical team since before the beginning, and has dedicated their songwriting skills to the incredible “There Once Was a Girl” and their beautiful voice to demos for songs like “Once Upon a Time” and “Rose”. Edy has been involved with the arts for many years, primarily in dance and music, but also adventuring into multiple aspects of theatre. They believe that Musical makes an important statement in our world, and cannot wait to continue working and watching it grow!

Arin Andrews (they/them) is the unofficial founder of Musical: the Musical and dreamed up the idea and summary for this show back in February 2019. Since then, they have helped guide the show through its many stages for the past year and a half! Writing songs such as the iconic Act One finale “Halfway,” the beautiful “Rose,” and the frantically energizing “How to Write a Musical,” they have woven their love for multiple unique genres of music into this piece. Drawing on a passion for social justice and activism, Arin has developed themes in the script that are extremely relevant and will speak to audiences of all ages. The experience of writing Musical has been a brilliant whirlwind for them, and they can’t wait to see where this inspirational piece of theater goes next.

Fiona Finn (she/her) has been with the Musical team since we were the Where Ends Meet team (fun bit of information for you!) and has done a wide variety of work, from writing dialogue and stage directions to penning the lyrics for songs like “I Hope You Find Your Way/Dash Pt. 3” and “Plot Twists.” Fiona also has experience working in the theater both as an actor and as a writer and assistant stage manager, and has written novels, poems, and songs for as long as she can remember. She is eager to share the remarkable journey the creators of Musical have been on, and is excited to tell this story to the world!

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